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1 Even if I can kong all kind of wei of the lang and angels, but dun have love, I macam like brass or cymbals, king-kiang, king-kiang kio.2 And even I got gift of prophecy, and simi all the cheem things and my knowledge jin kiang, and I got all faith til so tok kong dat I can remove the bukit-besar, but dun got love, I bo liao oreddy.3 And even I gib all my thing to feed the poor, and gib my body to kena burn, but still dun got love, I still bo-liao.

4 Love eh sai tan and kind wan; love dun jealous one; love no yaya papaya, no hao lian;5 is no chor lor, won't selfish wan, won't angry wan, won't think about bad things;6 won't be happy when got sin, but den will happy when got truth;7 tank all things, belieb all things, hope all things, tahan all things.

8 Love no fail wan. If got prophecy, sure fail wan; if got tongues, sure stop wan; if got knowledge, sure disappear wan.9 Because we smi things is zi-puah zi-puah one, we prophesy orso zi-puah zi-puah.10 But when got perfect come liao hor, all the zi-puah zi-puah kind of things no need oreddy.

11 When I was geenah dat time, I talk macam geenah, I simi things macam geenah, I think orso macam geenah; but when I grow up become man oreddy hor, I put all dese geenah kind of dai zi away.12 Now is macam we see ownself in the mirror but blur blur wan. I know things is zi-puah zi-puah, but den I can simi know like uder orso simi me wan.

13 Now must follow faith, hope and love, dese three thing; got three wan, but the most kiang is love.

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1 Corinthians 13
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