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What can see, hear and touchEdit

1 Starting dat time have what, we got hear oreddy, we eye got see oreddy, we see oreddy got look some more and our hand got hold oreddy wan, about the Word of Life wan—2 Got life come out; we got see and tell we see what, and we tell you dat the life lagi-always, dat was with Lau Peh and come out to us wan—3 We got see got hear tell you some more, den hor you orso can be kaki wid us; no bluff, our kaki is wid Lau Peh and with his Ah-Boy, Jesus Christ.4 Dese thing we write liao den we jin song.

Brudder with Him and Each Uder KakiEdit

5 He say what we tell you wan: God is light; in Him black-black little bit orso dun have.6 If we say we are kaki with him hor den go jalan-jalan in the black black, den play punk and no do the truth.7 But lagi we jalan-jalan in the light, lie he in the light, we got kaki with each uder, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Ah-Boy, make us clean-clean from playing punk.

8 If we gong we bo sin ah, we siao one leh. Bluff ourselves one. Inside no truth sia.9 But hor if we say we buay sai liao lagi jia lat, he steady one, will forgive us our sins and make us cheng ki from all the not right one.10 If we say we nothing wrong one, we maciam say he si sua anyhow bluff people and his word is not in us sia.

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