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1 My sayang gin na, I write this one give you so that you won't anyhow do wrong thing. But if you all got anyhow do wrong thing, we got one peng you with the Lau Peh—Jesus Christ, the Steady One.2 He is the one who ki chia (actually is ki Cross la) to pay for the things we do sala one, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the long zhong.

Test see you know Him or notEdit

3 We know that we confirm know him if we follow what he say.4 The one say, “I know him,” but never do what he say one is talk rubbish one, and he inside also rubbish one.5 But if you got obey his word ah, love for God in you is gao gao one. Liddat we know we are in him.6 You say you live in him means you must live like Jesus.

7 Peng you, what I write to you is not a command baru come up one; is actually old old one, gu zha already got hear. This old old command is the message you got hear one.8 But ah this one also is a new command; its truth in him in you also can see, because the orh orh bo liao and the real light already shine until bright bright.

9 If got people say they in the light but then want to hamtam the kor kor, di di, jie jie, or mei mei ah, he still in the orh orh hi peng ah.10 People who love their kor kor, di di, jie jie, and mei mei, where they stay very bright one, inside nothing to make they all bua doh.11 But anyone who buay song kor kor, di di, jie jie, or mei mei is in the orh orh and gai gai in the darkness. They walk here walk there also simi ma kua bo, because is orh orh mah. Like shoot bird liddat.

Their Spiritual StateEdit

12 All the gina, I write give you is because those things you anyhow do until chapalang one kena forgive because of his name.13 All the lau peh, I write give you,

is because you know him who starting got one.

All the not so lao jiao ah hia ah di, I write give you,

is because the evil one buay tong you already.14 All the gina, I write give you,

is because you sio pat the Lau Peh.

All the lau peh, I write give you,

is because you know him the starting have one.

All the not so lao jiao ah hia ah di, I write give you,

is because you gao lat,

you got what he say inside you,

the evil one really buay tong you.</span>

Dun anyhow love the worldEdit

15 Prease hor, don't go and love the world or anything in the world hor. If you love the world ah, buay sai love Lau Peh one.16 Because ah everything in the world—whether is your ba the lust, your bak jiu the lust, or your life the hao lian—is not Lau Peh come one, but from the world.17 The world and all this nonsense will si kiao kiao, but you do the will of God you will wan sui wan sui wan wan sui. Jin sui.

Bluff people in the Last HourEdit

18 Sayang gin na, now last minute liao; you also got hear the si lang antichrist ai lai liao, even now got so many si lang antichrist anyhow come one. Liddat we know confirm dia dio is last minute liao.19 They from us go out one, but actually they not our kaki. Because ah if they are our kaki, they will stay with us; but the zhao go out means they long zhong is not our kaki. Wah lau.

20 But you got anointing from the Holy One, and you all very kiang, all know the truth.21 I write to you is not because you blur like sotong dunno simi si real thing, but is because you know and because truth inside don't have nonsense one.22 Who is the one bluff people? Is the one who say Jesus is not the Christ la! This kind of people is the pai kia antichrist—bo zheng hu the Lau Peh and the Kia.23 Those don't believe the Kia one also don't have the Lau Peh; those steady with the Kia also got the Lau Peh.

24 Then you ah, you make sure starting you hear that one stay inside you hor. If liddat, you also will stay in the Son and in the Father.25 This one he sompah to us—live long long.

26 This one I write is about those want to make you gai gai halfway kena yi lang one (lost la).27 But you ah, the anointing you get from him stay in you, so you no need anybody teach you. But like his anointing teach you about long zhong meng kia and like that anointing is confirm real, not geng one—just like it got teach you, must stay in him.

God’s Gin Na and SinEdit

28 Now ah, sayang gin na, continue in him, so that later he come we can steady steady buay paiseh in front of him.

29 If you know that he tok gong, you know that everyone who do the sui sui things is born of him one. Sui!

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