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1 Wah you see what kind of love Lao Peh give us, call us children of God leh! Dat's why the world dun know us, cos it dunno know Him lah.2 My sayang, now we are God's gin na; and not yet reveal to us what we going to be, but we know dat when He is revealed hor, we confirm will be lie Him, cos we will see Him for real.3 Eberybody that got dis hope in Him purifies himself, just lie how God is pure.

Sin and the Child of God Edit

4 If you sin ah you orso bo zheng hu, and sin is bo zheng hu.5 You orso know He come is to take away our sins, and in Him got no sin wan.6 If you steady with God, won't sin one. If you sin, means you never see Him and dunno Him.

7 Gin na, dun let orang bluff you ah. If you do right things, you are righteous, lie God li'dat - righteous.8 If you sin, you are lie the devil, cos he from starting oreddy sin lie no tomorrow. Because li'dat, dat's why God's Ah-Boy come lah, den He can destroy the devil's things.9 Dose orang born of God won't sin wan, cos His seed remains in dem; bo kor leng can sin, cos dey born of God.

Why Love Important Edit

10 You see carefully, dis is how you can see God's gin na and the devil's gin na: If they anyhow do things, sub sub soi, dun care be lie salat puteh wan, means dey are not of God. Same also those who don't love their brudder.11 From the starting you oreddy here that we should love each uder,12 no lie Cain, lie devil lie dat, anyhow go and kill people - own brudder some more! Why he kill him leh? Cos Cain's do things sibei evil but his brudder wan is kilat.

13 Brudder, don't chua tio if the world buay song you.14 We know that we kena pass from death to life oreddy, cos we love all the brudder. Dose who dun love brudder wan only steady with death.15 If you buay song your brudder, is lie maciam murderer, and you know murderer won't wan sui wan.

Li'dat Love is Shown Edit

16 Li'dat we know love, cos He steady, die for us. So we orso must steady, lay down our lives for our brudders.17 But if you got good things in dis world, and you see your brudder very poor thing, and you shut up your heart from him lie one kind bo xim, you tell me where got God's love in you?

18 Gin na, we dun just love with words, but our action orso must steady.19 Li'dat den we know dat we is of truth wan, our heart inside steady before Him.20 Cos if our heart say we no hope, God is more tok gong than our heart, eberything orso He know.21 My sayang, if our heart don't condemn us, we can steady toward God.22 Dose things that you ask you can get from Him wan, cos you follow His zheng hu do what He say and do dose things dat He see oreddy happy wan.23 Dis one is His command: belieb Jesus, love each uder, lie He gave us command.

True Spirit and Bluff Spirit Edit

24 If you follow His command you steady with Him, and He orso steady with you. Li'dat we know dat He steady in us, cos got the Spirit dat He gib us.

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