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Sayang God and Each UderEdit

1 My sayang, do not belieb every spirit hor, but test dem wan, see if dey are God's own wan; see ah, in the world jalan gostan got many prophet bluff some more.2 Dis is the way you know God's Spirit: Every spirit got confirm Jesus Christ come as flesh oreddy is from God,3 and every spirit no got confirm Jesus Christ come as flesh oreddy is not from God. Lagi dis is the spirit of the Antichrist, you oreddy hear he coming some more, and is now in the world oreddy.

4 You are from God, kecil gin na, and have beat dem oreddy, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.5 Dose kind are from the world. See ah, dey say what is from the world wan, and the world hear dem some more.6 We are from God. Dose kind who know God can hear us wan; dose kind who no from God dun hear us. We use dis and know what spirit is true and what spirit bluff wan.

Knowing God Through LoveEdit

7 My sayang, love each uder can mah, because love is from God wan; and eberyone who love-wan is born from God and know God some more.8 Dose kind who no know love orso no know God, because God is love.9 See ah, God show us His love oreddy, God send His only Ah-boy into the world, so dat we can lib through Him.10 Here is love, not dat we love God wan, but dat He love us oreddy and send His Ah-Boy to be the sacrifice for our sin and justice can finish oreddy.11 My sayang, see how God love us oreddy, so we orso should love each uder.

Seeing God Through LoveEdit

12 No one eber see God wan. If we love each uder, God lives in us, and in us His love got confirm cheem standard.13 We see dis and know dat we lib in Him, and He libs in us, because He gib us from His Spirit oreddy.14 And we can see and tell dat the Lao Peh send the Ah-Boy as the world's Savior oreddy.15 Who ownself confirms that Jesus is God's Ah-Boy, God libs in him, and he libs in God.16 And we know and belieb the love dat God has for us oreddy. God is love, and he who libs in love libs in God, and God libs in him.

Love Got Confirm Cheem StandardEdit

17 See ah, love got confirm cheem standard in us: judgment day ah, dat time we will be solid; because as He is, so are we in dis world.18 There is no fear in love; and fear runs from confirm cheem standard love, because fear got punishment wan. Dose kind got fear wan no got confirm cheem standard in love.19 We love Him because He love us first wan.

Follow by FaithEdit

20 Got someone say, “I love God,” and hate his brudder some more, he lies hor; because he see his brudder but no love him wan, den how can he no see God and love him meh?21 We got command from Him some more: if you love God you must love your brudder orso

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