I belib in God, the Lao Peh of most atas power.

whole world and heaven-kampong also made wan.

I belib in Jesus Christ, God's only Ah-boy, our Lord,

who Holy Spirit conceive some more,
Virgin Mary give birth to him wan,
he kena Pontius Pilate,
kena crucify, die some more, den bury wan;
hell he oso go.
den day three, he gostan come back alive again;
he upstair heaven go some more,
Lao Peh right hand side sitting orredy,
and later all orang, live-wan die-wan, he oso will cham shueng.

I belib in Holy Spirit,

In the Church, all cheem and sama-sama,
that every Christian is kaki in Christ,
sin can forgive wan,
body kena mati can lagi alive again wan,
and live forever also can.

Can Liddat Wan.