This one is cher words, King David’s da bor kia, rule Jerusalem one.

Simi Ma MeaninglessEdit

“Simi ma bo meaning,” Cher say, “long zhong bo meaning!”

Work so hard for what? I come you go, you come I go, earth also still the same. Sun rises, sun sets, then chiong go back rise again. The wind here blow there like blow wind blow. Blow round round go circle. Rivers go inside the sea, the sea also lao zui, forever not full one. Then the water go back to the river then come out again to the sea go here go there. Everything also sian until bo wei gong. See so much also buay song. Wear how much also buay gao.

Last time thing also happen again and again. All happen before already la! Under the sun one got nothing new. 10 Sometimes people say, “Eh here got new thing!” But actually is old one; bo meng gia is really new la. 11 Last time what happen also we buay gi, next time people also buay gi what we do.

Cher Gong Wei: Wisdom also SianEdit

12 I, the cher, was king of Israel, I stay Jerusalem. 13 I chiong sua search for understanding, explore by wisdom long zhong things being done below the sky. Very fast I see God make until we very poor thing. 14 Everything going on below the sky also I see, and really la, liap bo giu one—like chasing wind liddat.

15 What thing do wrong cannot make correct.     What thing yi lang cannot find back.

16 Then I say to myself, “Li kua la li kua la; I wiser than all my lau peh and their lau peh and their lau peh the lau peh. I more wise, more kiang than any of them.” 17 So I chiong to learn everything from wise to siao and gong like sotong. But then I learn chase all this is like chase wind. Kee siao! Got what to catch!?

18 I more kiang, also more gan kor,     Become clever means become more want to peng san.