Make happy oso no use oneEdit

1 I said in my heart, “Lai, lai, I test you to make got fun or not; so enjoy happy lah”; but sure lah, this also no use one.2 I said of laughter—“Siao ah!”; and of fun, “Got do what one ah?”3 I look and look in my heart how lim jiu make me happy lah, how my heart be clever one lah, and how to do useless things lah, until can see what good thing people everywhere can do until they die one.

4 I make all the thing I do very tua liap, I oso got kee chu, and plant lots of grape lah.5 I plant the garden and plant trees all got fruit one leh.6 And then I make pond and water the tree to grow big big lah.7 I oso got servant, girl oso got, boy oso got, and the servant oso got born in my house one. Yar loh, I got a lot a lot of things lah, got many cow and many goat also I got, more than they all live in Jerusalem before me one lah.8 I oso take lah all the money, silver and gold, the special treasures last time belong to the king and from far far away place I oso got. I oso got people sing song for me, girl oso got, boy oso got, people hear they sing song and feel very happy one, oso can play all kind of musical instrument [a] one, you know or not.

9 So I became very tua liap and so grand one, more li hai than they all before me in Jerusalem. And I still oso very very clever one.

10 My eye got see and I want, I take lorr. My heart want, I take and then I very happy lorr. I work liao so my heart got very happy; And this one ah, my hard work got give me a lot a lot very nice good thing lah.11 Then I look on all the thing that I do one hah, And on the hard work, wah, so much hard work lah; Really ah, all was no use one like chase the wind only, sien only. Work and work until want to pengsan oso got no profit one lah.

The End of the Clever one and the Stupid oneEdit

12 Then I see myself and think, got clever or not, got gila or not, got useless or not; The man who come after the king can do what one leh?— Only what other people do oredi.13 Then I see clever one got better than useless one, like bright bright better than dark dark one.14 The clever man his head got eyes one, But the stupid man is walking in the dark dark one lah. Ai yo, now I know lah The same thing got happen to everyone lah.

15 So I kaki kong, “Got happen to stupid people one, Oso got happen to me, And then I got more clever one leh?” Then I said in my heart, “This one hah, oso very useless one lah.”16 People never got remember the stupid one and oso people never got remember the clever one lah, Everything now they all will forget one lah. The clever man how he got die? Die just like stupid man lah!

17 And then I hate my life, work until can pengsan oso still very sien one because everything is useless one like chase the wind only mah.

18 Then I hate all my work, work under the sun until can fainted liao ah, but after that I must give it to that one come after me.19 He got clever one or very stupid one I oso dono one? But I make one and I work one like so clever under the sun until can fainted one and then he will get oso. This one ah also very useless one.20 So I turn to my heart until very keksim one ah because work until can die lai dat still can very sien one hor.21 Because got a man who work got cincia gao gao one ah; he die oredi still must leave all the thing to other people that never work to get that one lah. This one ah oso very useless one and very very bad one hor.22 The man who work until can pengsan lai dat, and his heart got try so hard one ah under the sun, he got what leh?23 He still got very sad one lor, work until very sien one ah; at night oso very keksim cannot sleep one. You see lah, all is very useless one.

24 A man got nothing better but makan and lim jiu, and work oredi he can enjoy lah. This one oso from the hand of God you know or not.25 Simi lang can makan, can enjoy more than I enjoy leh? [b]26 God got make a man very clever one, can know a lot of things, can enjoy a lot of things, if God think he is good one; but the very bad one God got make him go and work over here over there until can pengsan lai dat, and then he work liao ah other people that God got think is good can enjoy it mah. This one ah is oso very useless one like try and catch the wind only you know or not. }}