Tua Liap Ong Li Hun Tua BohEdit

1 Ku char ku char Ahasuerus become Tua Liap Ong that time (that one Ahasuerus become towkay over one hundred and twenty-seven provinces, from India kau Ethiopia),2 hee see Ahasuerus sit like tua towkay nia in Shushan and be a Tua Liap Ong,3 three year oredi ah. And then he got chia jiu for all the big shot and tua liap lang who are his kaki lorr—4 he show them for one hundred and eighty days he is such a tua bai, got ahni zui money and compared to them he is more tua liap hor.

5 And then he do ho say liao leh, the Tua Liap Ong make a big makan for seven days everybody big or small oso can come and makan one, in front of his tua keng chu.6 And then he got the cin cia sui eh white and blue "curtain got tie" with sui sui eh purple colour rope on the silver colour stick one and marble pillar ah; summore the sofa oso gold and silver colour one hor, he put on the floor make with "mosaic" got very expensive thing in the mosaic one.7 And then they drink oso in the kim puay one ah, the puay is all different one meh, the Tua Liap Ong tell they all can drink the tua ong eh jiu lor because he want to show his kaki that he is so generous one.8 But then ah, the towkay say cincai lah, you want to lim jiu oso can, do wan oso can, because the towkay say so lor.

9 The Tua Liap Ong’s big wife her name is Si Beh Sui oso got chia jiu big makan for the cha boh "in" the towkay’s big house lor.

10 After seven days liao ah, the towkay happy mabuk liao, he call these people the name cin cia pai kong eh, Mehuman, Biztha, Harbona, Bigtha, Abagtha, Zethar, and Carcas, they have no birdies but they are still the towkay’s kaki,11 he tell them bring come the towkay’s Si Beh Sui Tua Boh, "wear" her royal crown, show all his kaki she is teh yit si beh sui because ah, she is really cin cia sui eh mah.12 Tapi leh Si Beh Sui Tua Boh mai lai even though the no birdies servants of the towkay want to bring come; and then ah, the Tua Liap Ong si beh ki hong liao until like can chut yien you know or not.

13 And then ah, the towkay ask the clever people (they all that can explain the law and the right or wrong things to him ah,14 name very pai tia one ah, Carshena, Shethar, Admatha, Tarshish, Meres, Marsena, and Memucan, got seven tua liap lang from Persia and Media, those kaki can come and see the towkay one ah and they are the big shot in the country leh):15 “What to do with Si Beh Sui Tua Boh leh? I am the tua liap towkay oso she didn’t do what I tell her one, mai lai when I send the no birdies servants to chua ee lai?”

16 And Memucan he say to the towkay and the other tua liap lang: “Si Beh Sui Tua Boh make you malu nia, oso she make all the tua liap lang malu nia.17 She do lai dat ah, all the cha bo tia liao ah, they all will follow the Tua Boh and then ah, they won’t follow what their husbands tell them hor, because they all will say ah, ‘Ahasuerus Tua Liap Ong call the Si Beh Sui Tua Boh lai, but then ee mai lai eh.’18 Today oso ah, the Persia and Media tua liap lang eh boh ka liao kong they have heard the Tua Liap Boh aneh kuan eh. And then they all can cho hiao and cho ki hong liao you know or not.19 Na si Tua Liap Ong want to do leh, he oso can say ah, write in the laws of the Persians and the Medes lor, Si Beh Sui Tua Boh li hun from Ahasuerus Tua Liap Ong liao ah; and the towkay make another ka ho eh to be the Tua Boh.20 When the Tua Liap Ong kong ho say liah leh, ka liao lang in the big big empire tia ho say liao leh, all the boh will follow what their husbands say, big oso will follow, small oso will follow lor.”

21 And then the Tua Liap Ong and the tua liap lang they all like that answer lor, and the towkay follow what Memucan say lor.22 Then he got write the letter to all the Tua Liap Ong’s place everywhere, every place he use their own writing one ah, and to all the people in their own language, that every man can be the boss in his own house, and eh hiao kong ka ki ua eh.

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