Longkang Got Dry BonesEdit

1 Lord put hand on me, and buat Lord's Spirit bring me out and settle me in longkang centre derr; kena full of bones.2 He bring me jalan gostan among dem, and longkang floor got many-many bones, bones kena lie kacang puteh oreddy.3 He ask me hor, “Orang's ah-boy, dis bones lagi living-living can or not?"

I say, “All Power Lord, only you simi wan.”

4 Den he tell me, “Prophesy to dis bones and tell dem, ‘Dry bones, hear Lord's word can or not!5 Bones ah, All Power Lord say li'dis wan: I make breath go inside you wan, and make you living oreddy.6 I fix tendon on you and make meat on you some more and make skin cover you wan; my breath go inside you, and you will living oreddy. Den you simi I Lord wan.’”

7 So I prophesy lie he tell me. And when I prophesy ah, got sound some more, going kalang kabut, and bones all making together some more, bone to bone.8 I see ah, got tendon, got meat on dem and got skin cover dem some more, but they no breathing wan.

9 Den he tell me, “Prophesy to breath oreddy; prophesy, orang's ah-boy, and tell it, ‘All Power Lord say li'dis wan: Lagi, breath, lagi from all four wind and breathe into dis mati-orang, so dey lagi living can.’”10 So I prophesy lie he tell me, and breath go inside dem; dey lagi living-living wan and dey get up standing-standing — got army-wan damn besar.

11 Den he tell me: “Orang's ah-boy, these bones are Israel-orang wan. Dey say, ‘Our bones gone kacang puteh; got no hope wan; kena we cannot jalan oreddy.’12 Lagi prophesy and tell dem: ‘All Power Lord say li-dis wan: My orang, I lagi open your grave and pull you out some more; I bring you gostan Israel.13 Den you, my orang, simi I der Lord wan, when I open your graves and pull you out some more.14 my Spirit go in you and you lagi living, and I settle you in your own land. Den you simi I the Lord say it wan, and I do oreddy, the Lord declare some more.’”

One Kampong got One KingEdit

15 The Lord's word come to me wan:16 “Orang's ah-boy, take rattan and write on it, ‘Belonging Judah and his Israel-orang.’ Den take another rattan, and write on it, ‘Belonging Joseph (Ephraim-wan) and his Israel-orang.’17 Together make into one rattan so dey in your hand make one wan.

18 “Your orang ask you dat time, ‘You mean what say oreddy?’19 Tell dem, ‘All Power Lord say li'dis wan: I lagi take rattan of Joseph—in Ephraim-hand wan—and his Israel-kampong, and together put with Judah’s rattan. I make dem into one rattan, dey den in my hand make one wan.’20 Show dem dose rattan you oreddy write,21 and tell dem, ‘All Power Lord say li'dis wan: Israel-orang go dose kampong I lagi make dem gostan. I get dem from all around and lagi taking dem gostan derr own land.22 I make dem one kampong in the land, on Israel bukit-bukit. Later den only got one king for dem and dey no more two kampong li'dat or half-half got two kampong-kings.23 Later, dey no more got idol and dose image damn teruk or got cock-up make ownself dirty wan, I lagi stop dem lagi gostan gone case, and I clean dem wan. Den dey my orang, and den I their God.

24 “‘David, my coolie, he derr king, and dey all got one shepherd. Dey orso follow my law wan, and I say what dey no anyhow follow.25 Den in land I gib my coolie Jacob dey orso lib, lagi the land where your ancestor lib. Dey and derr children, lagi derr children children lagi-always live derr wan, and David my coolie lagi-always derr tunku wan.26 I contract wi'dem for peace; contract for lagi-always. I settle dem and make their orang tembah-tembah, and lagi-always my safety be wi'dem.27 I stay wi'dem; I derr God, and dey my orang.28 Den all kampong simi I Lord make Israel damn cheem, when lagi-always my safety wi'dem.’”