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1 And den hor after that the upstairs and earth finish liao, very big project lor.

2 Day seben liao God's work finish oreddy, so He lim kopi and kiao kar on day seben.3 And then after that God blessed the seventh day, now very holy lah. because he rested from all the work he do ma.

Adam and EveEdit

4 Dis the story of the dua lobang and the earth when dey make liao, when God make the earth and the dua lobang.

5 Now bo cao come out on the earth and qiu zang of upstairs come out yet, for the Lord God upstairs lor hor on the earth and no one do work,6 but water come out of the tor ka and cover ebbrything.7 Then the Lord God make orang from the dust of the tor ka and breathed into his pi kang the breath of life, and den he living wan.

8 Now, hor, the Lord God oreddy plant one taman in east-wan, in Eden; and there he put the orang he make-wan.9 The Lord God made all kind of ma'dder-fa'dder-son tree grow out of the ground—trees that were jin sui and got jin hor jiak eh mi kia. In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

10 Got one zui watering the taman dat flow from Eden; after it den split into four zui.11 First one is call Pishon; dat one goes through the whole place Havilah, where got gold.12 The gold derr very zai. Got nice smelling resin and onyx stone also.13 Second zui call Gihon; it goes around the whole place call Cush.14 Third one is call Tigris; dat one go through the east side of Ashur. And the four one call Euphrates.

15 Lord God take the man and den put him in Taman Eden to work it and sayang it.16 And the Lord God tell him, “You want to makan from any tree in the garden, can;17 but you must not makan from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, otherwise confirm mati kiao.”

18 The Lord God say, “The orang by his ownself tak boleh. I make someone to dao ka qiu for him.”

19 Now the Lord God make from the ground come out all the wild animals and all the jiao in the sky. He bring to the man to see what he call them; and what the man call them, become derr name.20 So the man give the name to all the farm animal, the jiao in the sky and all the wild animals.

But cannot find someone dao ka qiu for Adam leh.21 So the Lord God make him knockout; and while he koon, he took one of the bak kut, den closed up the place with bak.22 Den the Lord God make a char bor from the bak kut from the da por, and he bring her to the da por.

23 Adam say,

“Dis now bone of my bone

and meat of my meat;
she call 'woman,'
'cos she was take from man."

24 Dat is why prang must siam his lau peh and lau bu, go combine with bor, and they become one bak.

25 Adam and his taitai bo cheng sa bo cheng kor, and they buay paiseh.

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