Go and kee chu for God aitelyuEdit

1 Darius got become king nor nee lat guek liao eh, che yit eh see, the Lord got come and tell Haggai the prophet go tell some person name very pai tia one ah, his name Zerubbabel Shealtiel's ah-boy, he is the Judah tua liap lang, and to Joshua Jehozadak's ah-boy the name orso very pai kong one ah, the high priest, you tell them ah,

2 “The Lord of very great many thing he say: ‘Dis orang ah, dey say, “Ah buay tiam sia ah, we kenot kee chu for the Lord’s house.”’”

3 And den the Lord got tell to Haggai the prophet, he say,4 “Wah! Lu lang kia sui sui chu, tapi leh dis temple is still pua pua eh leh?”

5 Now ah, the LORD of very great many thing he say: “You all ah must think about what you do!6 “You plant a lot liao, and got kiok little bit only; You makan, but still you are no full ah; You lim jiu, but you all still chui tah eh; You all cheng sah, but still got cold one leh; And dat one ah go out and earn money, earn oreddy but still put the money in the bag got holes one ah.”

7 The Lord of very great many thing got say ah: “You all ah must think ok, now you do what mah!

8 Go and peh sua, kiok cha and kee chu for me, and then I will be very happy and you all can make me be very great lorr,” Lord say wan.

9 “You looked for a lot a lot one ah, but you got one ah little bit only; and when you bring home liao ah, I blew it away. Simi leh?” says the Lord of very great many thing. “Because of wa eh chu pua pua liao ah, but you all run to your own house one.

10 And then because of that ah, got no rain liao ah, got nothing grow one ah.

11 Because I called for no raining on the land lah, on the bukit lah, on the thing you plant lah and the jiu lah, the yiu lah, on whatever want to grow on the ground lah, on orang lah, on the animal they rear lah, and on all the work you all got do wan ah.”

The People got go and do what God tell them lorrEdit

12 And den Zerubbabel Shealtiel's ah-boy, and Joshua Jehozadak's ah-boy, the high priest, the name still very pai tia pai kong eh lah, with all the orang that are left ah, they do what the voice of the Lord derr God say ah, and what Haggai the prophet tell they all ah, as the Lord derr God got tell him oreddy; and the orang very scared wan of the Lord you know or not.

13 And den-ah Haggai, he is lie the Lord’s handphone lor, he tell the Lord’s message to the orang, he say, “I orso wid you, Lord say wan.”14 So the Lord make Zerubbabel Shealtiel's ah-boy, Judah eh tua liap lang, and Joshua Jehozadak's ah-boy, the high priest, and all the left over the people all of dem become like very li hai li'dat wan ah; and den ah dey got work and kee chu for the Lord of very great many thing, their God,15 on the ji jap see ho when Darius got become king nor nee lat guek liao eh see.

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