1 "Oi, diam ah, O coastlands, Let the people recharge their battery, Ask them come closer, then let them talk la; Come closer lah. 

2 Who raise the one from the east side ah? Who so tua pai call Him stand up ah? Who give him country then make him Tua Tao over kings? Who give them, like the dust on the sword, like the bow cannot shoot arrow?

3 Who chase them and let them go by the safe way that their feet cannot walk one leh?

4 Who like action only and call everybody from the start and say 'I, the Lord, am the first; and also the last I am He.'"

5 The land see already also hum (scared), the world everywhere everybody also hum (scared); they come closer and look look see see.

6 Everyone help his friend, and also tell their brudder: "Oi, mian kia lah!" 

7 So the carpenter tell the karang guni uncle; He who kena inspired to use the blessed hammer to hit the metal and den say "Eh, can solder liao"; then he will use the kiap to kiap it, so won't fall apart. 

8 " Eh, you Israel, my servant, I choose Jacob and Abraham, my friend de chew-ren

9 I call you from everywhere and tell you 'You are my servant, I choose you and wun throw you away;

10 Mian kia, I am with you; ai zai ah, I am your Xin. I give you power, Ya, I will help you, I confirm support you with My jin tok kong right hand one.'

11 "See ah, all those who angry with you will all be paiseh; become like bo taiji and disappear. 

12 Look for them also wun find them one - Those who buay song with you. Those who fight you will become like nothing like that. Jin bo simi no need exist lah.

13 Cos I, the Lord your Taokay, will hold your right hand, say " Mian kia, I help you.'

14 "Mian kia la, you all the kia of Jacob, I help you lah," says the DuaTao, The holy holy one of Israel

15 " Look ah, I make you become a grass-cutter, the teeth sharp sharp one; You go hoot the mountain then whack it until become small, and beat the hill until become chui.

16 You filter den the strong wind come blow blow everything away; Then you happy lor cos of your Taokay, sing sing happy song to His holy name.