I Tolong GodEdit

1 "My soul hate me wan;

I tell you my problem orredy,
My soul like sung moi saying li’dis.
2 I tell God ah, ‘Dun kena me;
You tell me how I play cheat can or not.
3 You kena me happy orredy ma,
Your hands make wan – You see me no up,
And still You smile on those ular making plans wan.
4 You got orang eyes ma?
Or like orang see liddat?
5 Your day like normal orang day ma?
Your year like orang jia lat year ma,
6 You looking to find my malu
My sin also searching wan,
7 You know I’m not ular orredy,
And no one can save me from You?

8 ‘Your hands made me wan;

You want destroy me some more.
9 Remember ah - clay liddat you made me wan.
You want lagi I go dust again ma?
10 You pour me like soy bean drink,
And settle me like tofu,
11 with skin and meat dress me wan,
And my bones and muscles tie together liddat?
12 You gib me life and show me how You kind,
And You sayang so my spirit ok wan.

13 ‘But this what You hide in Your heart whole time;

I know this what You thinking wan:
14 If I sin, You arrow me,
And never pang chang me my malu.
15 If I ular, I paining orredy;
Even I guai, my head cannot raise.
I disgrace orredy;
See my kena!
16 If think I damn shiok,
Like garang lion, You hunt me wan
And lagi Your atas power kena me.
17 You lagi find new orang to arrow me,
And up Your anger toward me;
You lagi lagi sabo me.

18 ‘What for You bring me from womb ma?

Aiyoh, no one ever see me before, die orredy can!
19 Liddat, neber have me also can.
From womb to grave turus liddat.
20 My days lesser orredy, finish can ma?
Stop lah! Go away from me can or not, li'dis can relak a little ma,
21 Before I go to the place I cannot gostan,
To the dark dark pulau and wayang mati,
22 Pulau as black like hitam,
With tombalek wayang mati,
Where even light is black wan.’”