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1 The word of the Lord last time come to Joel, Pethuel ay kia.

Land All Kena OrredyEdit

2 "Hear ah, you uncles

Listen ah, you all stay here one

Got anything like this happen to you all before or not?

Or last time your ahgong that time?

3 Tell your kia

And let them tell their kia

And let the kia also tell their kia

4 The locust whole jin gang zhao already

Still got big locust come and eat

Then the big locust eat finish and zhao already

But then still got young locust come and eat

Then the young locust also eat and zhao liao

Then still got other zhapalang locust come and eat

5 Mai kun liao la, you all lim jiu eh, and cry until jialat jialat

Cry until jin tua sia, you all drink wine one

Cry loud loud coz got wine somemore is new one

But then also not give you drink one, people take away

6 Got nation come and kachao my land orredy

Wa power one and no number

The teeth like lion one

And the gigi like zhabor lion one

7 It kazhao my vine until so cui

My fig tree they also make until so cui sia

The tree the bark also take and throw away

Until the branch ah left white-white one.

8 Mourn until like some virgin wrap ownself in sackcloth liddat

When she grieve for her young that time the husband

9 The offering ah by right got grain one got drink one

But then now all kena cut off from the house of the Lord

The priests all also mourning like siao

Those who zuo gang for the Lord one

10 Whole padang cui liao

The ground dry until crack all over liao

The grain die until cannot die orredy

The new wine all dry-dry liao

The oil also laokui

11 Farmers ah you all also will kena and cry

Cry like siao, you all grow vine wan

Grieve for the maipian and the yimi

Because the whole field the crop wa all kena hoot until die like fly

12 The vine dry up liao

Fig tree also die liao

What tree ah you tell me, pomegranate tree, palm tree, apper tree,

Padang got what other tree don't matter — all dry up liao

Confirm the happy happy people

Now not happy liao, sian diao orredy.

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