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Dedication to TheophilusEdit

1 Got jin zhui lang want to tell the story of what happen2 lie how last time orang orso tell us what happen.3 I orso lie dat lah, some more all the thing dat happen wa zai so I write dis for you, towkay Theophilus,4 so you orso know what the teacher teach you.

John the Baptist's Birth Predict OreddyEdit

5 Herod dat time ah, the towkay of Judea got priest, his mia si Zechariah, he from the Abijah kaki; his taitai Elizabeth was Aaron kaki.6 God hor think dey damn solid, follow his instruction law by law.7 But dey all bo kia cos Elizabeth buay sai zho baby. Elizabeth and Zechariah jin lao liao.

8 When hor, Zechariah his gang doing duty and he is priest before Xin,9 He kena arrow by custom to go into temple of the Lord to burn incense.10 When time come to burn hor, eberyone all praypray outside.

11 Got angel of the Lord come12 and Zechariah suddenly chua sai.13 The angel say, "mian kia, your prayer we hear liao. Your ibu will get ta-por, you must call the ta-por John.14 John will be sibeh tok gong, when he come out ah eberyone confirm sibei happy.15 He simi jiu ma buay sai lim, and hor, he will even kena fill with Holy Spirit before he come out siah.16 He will bring back eberyone from Israel back to God hor,17 he orso will make all the papa mama look at their kia and make all the paikia become pandai, to make longzhong ready for Lao Bei hor."

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