I never read description, this is translated from the NIV

Cute baby Jesus is born! :D

1 During that time ah, Ceasar make law that every orang under Roman ah must make a list of their names. 2 Wah, I tell you, dis' first time a law lidat come out when Qurinius dang gah'men of Syria. 3So ah, everyone balik kampong and kena listed lor.

4 So Joseph go also lor. From Nazareth in Galilee ah, he go all the way to Judea leh, and there also is where Bethelem, aka City of David is. Because ah, he also belong to family line of David mah! 5 So ah, Joseph and his ibu Mary also kena listed. 6 it was then that the kia inside the baby bump going to pop liao. So when the kia pop out orredy ah, (he was a boy btw) , they put pamper and wrap him with cloth and chope him inside a manager. Damn sad sia, they no choice because all the guest room kena chope.

8. and then nearby got some sheperd watching their sheep, 9then suddenly got angel of Lord appear to them eh! wah, they all damn scared sia, 10but the angel tell them, "mai kong afraid leh, I come here to bring good and happy news what! You know ah, 11today, inside the City of David, got Saviour born to you eh! he is Messiah the Lord eh, 100% legit no joke one. 12if you don belive, you go and search now, and you'll confirm plus chope find a cute baby in manager wrapped in cloth.

13 then hor, suddenly hor, got a huge crowd of angels appear eh! den they start praise God:

14"Upstairs the Lao Bei jin swee, all glory we give you!

he give peace to everyone he saiyang."

15then the angel all balik kampong, the sheperds all say, "eh, we all go and see what happen, what Lao Bei has told us.

16then they all zao and eventually found Mary and Joseph. 17when they see the cute cute baby inside manager, they go tell everyone about the baby, 18and everyone who heard liao whoa all damn amazed sia! 19but hor, " But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." 20and den the shepherd all return, glorifying and praising Lao Bei for what they were told and heard and see just now.

21 on 8th day, when the kia kena circumcised ah, he was Jesus as the name the angel say before one lor.