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The Plot Against JesusEdit

1 So finally, when Jesus kong ho say liao, he said to all his disciples,2 You all oreddy know that after two days got Passover feast, but on that day right, Lim Peh will tio sabo, and kena crucified.

3 After this, all the tua kee priest and lau uncle of the people went to the palace of the taukay priest, his mia is Caiaphas,4 down there they secretly plan to catch Jesus and kill him.5 "Eh, but cannot do on the actual day of the feast leh," dey all say, "if not all orang e sure kee siao one."

Jesus Anointed at BethanyEdit

6 When Jesus in Bethany dat time in the house of Simon the Leper (his skin got skin problem one),7 one auntie come to him wid a vase of super expensive perfume, jin gui, jin pang, and pour on his head while he relac jack at the table.

8 When all the disciples saw this right, dey abit buay song. "What for you waste until li'dat?" dey ask.9 "Dis perfume jin gui, jin pang, can sell for alot, then the money use to give to the poor leh."10 When Jesus found out, he say to them, "Why you come and kaypoh this auntie? She laidat do for me is jin swee one leh.11 The poor orang will always be derr wan, but I no here lagi-always, ok.12 When she pour the perfume on my body, is to prepare my body for my burial.13 I din bluff you, everywhere you go when dey tell my story, confirm plus chop will got her name inside and also what she did for me."

Judas Sabo JesusEdit

14 Den one of the Twelve, that bugger call Judas Iscariot--he go to the tua kee priests15 and ask dem "If I gib you Jesus hor, you gib me what meh? Best offer hor." So they quote him thirty piece of silver.16 Ever since that day, Judas try and find kang tao to sabo him.

Last MakanEdit

17 On day one of the Festival of Unleavened Bread (like naan one), the disciples go to Jesus and ask, "Where you want makan for Passover, ah? We masak-masak for you."

18 He reply, "Go to the city and find dis orang and tell him teacher say: My time come liao. I go celebrate Passover with my disciples at your chu.'"19 So the disciples do what he say lor.

20 Den when night time, Jesus lagi lepak at table with the Twelve Kaki.21 While dey eating, he say, "I din bluff you, one of you will sabo me."

22 Den dey all damn sad, and one by one come and say "Huh, towkay, is not me right?"

23 Jesus say back, "The one who later zim his chew into the bowl same time as me is the one who will sabo me.24 Orang's Ah-Boy will go because long ago oreddy got write dat He will go. But the one who sabo the Orang's Ah-Boy, hwah damn jialat! Yi ka ho erm tang chud si ah."

25 Den Judas, the actual bao toh kia, said, "Teacher, not me right?". Jesus answer, "You ownself say one hor."

26 Den later while dey eating, Jesus take the roti, and after he say grace, he tear bit by bit and give to his disciples, while saying, "Lai, jiak; this is my body."

27 Den he take one cup, and after he say grace, he give to dem and say, "Long zhong lim.28 Dis my blood for contract wan, which is pour for everybody to forgive sin wan.29 I tell you all, I no lagi drink dis til I can drink wid you all in my Lau Peh's kampong.”

30 When dey finish talk cock sing song, dey went out to Bukit Olives.

Jesus Predicts Peter's DenialEdit

31 Den Jesus tell dem, "Tonight you all will leave me because of me, because dey got write before: "I will hantam the shepherd, and the sheep will all run like siao."

32 But after I come back, I first go Galilee."

33 Peter say back, "Even uder orang run because of you, I confirm won't la."

34 "I din bluff you," Jesus answer back, "just tonight, even before the rooster kiu kiu kio, you will already pretend you dunno me three times."

35 But Peter say, "Even if worst come to worst, I must die wid you, I confirm won't do dat wan." Den all the uder disciples copy him.


36 Den Jesus go wid his disciples to this place call Gethsemane, and he tell dem, "Sit here first, I go down derr pray-pray."37 He bring Peter and Zebedee's two ah-boys wid him go, den later part become very sad.38 Den he tell dem, "Wa sin chin tia, lie can die dat kind. Company me a bit can mah."

39 After dey walk abit, he fall down til his face piak on the floor and pray, "Lau Peh, if can, I dowan do dis. But what I want not important, most important is what you want."

40 Den he go back to his disciples and see dem all tidoh. "Eh, You all cannot even stay awake with me for one hour ah?" he ask Peter.41 "Watch and pray, so you won't easily kena tempted. Your spirit want, but your body cannot make it."

42 Lagi, second time, He go and pray-pray say, "Lao Peh ah, if I no can pass dis cup unless I drink it, Your will li'dat."43 When he come back, dey all lagi tidoh, because dey damn tired.

44 So he ownself go and pray third time, saying the same things.45 Den he come back, he say to them, "You all still want to kun? Boh see kan liao, Lim Peh going to tio catch by all the pai kias.46 Kee lai! Go already! The one who sabo me lai liao!"

Jesus Sabo and Arrest in GethsemaneEdit

47 While he still talking, Judas, one of the Twelve, suddenly come. Behind him got alot of orang all carry parang and tongkat, all sent by the tua kee priests and lau uncle of the orang.48 Now the pao toh kia already prepare secret signal with them: "The one I kiss right, is the correct one; catch that one."49 The he quickly go to Jesus, Judas say, "Good morning, teaher!" and kiss him.

50 Jesus say back, "Kawan, you come is for what wan?"

Den all the orang come in front and catch Jesus and arrest him.51 Because of this right, one of Jesus' disciples take his own parang and swing at the tua kee priest's coolie and cut off his ear.

52 Keep your parang," Jesus tell him, "anyone who swing parang, one day will die from parang orso.53 You think I cannot call my Lau Peh issit? I ask one time he will send twelve brigade of angel.54 But den it won't be exactly lie what they got write before about me, right?

55 Den dat hour Jesus tell all of them, "I start war meh? If not why you must send orang with so many parang and tongkat just to catch me? Every day I sit in the temple teach things you orso never do anything.56 But anyway, all dis the prophet all got write before, so it must be li'dat." Den all the disciples just leave him derr and run like siao.

Jesus See the SanhedrinEdit

57 Dose who catch Jesus bring him to Caiaphas the towkay priest where all the lawyer and lau uncle already down derr.58 But Peter follow dem from behind, even until the courtyard of the towkay priest. He go inside and sit down wid the jaga to see what happen.

59 All the tua kee priest and the whole Sanhedrin try to find fake evidence against Jesus to make sure he kena death sentence.60 But they cannot find anything, even though got alot of orang want come and bluff. Finally two orang come.

61 and say "Dis guy say, 'I can destroy the Temple of the God and in three days can build it back wan.'"

62 Den the towkay priest stand up and say to Jesus, "How come you never say anything? Dis two orang come and say you, is simi mi kia lai eh?63 But Jesus keep quiet.

64 "You ownself say," Jesus reply. "But I say what is this: From now, you will see Lao Peh sit at right hand of the God, from the clouds upstair."

65 Den the towkay priest sibei buay song, tear his shirt and pants, and say "You talk cock! Need some more witness for what? See, now you all hear the blasphemy oreddy.66 What you all think?". "This kind is must die wan," they all answer.

67 Den dey all pui in his face, and box him with derr hand. Uder orang also got slap him.68 and say, "Predict leh. Who whack you wan?"

Peter Disowns JesusEdit

69 Now Peter was still sitting in the void deck 'til one coolie guniang come to him. "Eh, you actually wid Jesus at Galilee wan," she say.

70 But he deny all dat in front of everybody. "Li kong simi, I dunno," he say.

71 Den he go to the gate, but got another coolie guniang see him and say to the orang derr, "This guy is last time wid Jesus of Nazereth wan."

72 He again deny it, with promise somemore: "No leh, I dunno that guy lah!".

73 Later, dose orang derr standing-standing come to Peter and say, "You confirm one of dem lah; your accent so obvious."

74 Den he start to kao peh all the bad word come out, and he swore to dem, "I dunno I dunno! Everything I also dunno! Dat guy I dun know him!". Suddenly a rooster kiu kiu kio.

75 Den Peter remember what Jesus say: "Even before the rooster kiu kiu kio, you will already pretend you dunno me three times." Den he go outside and cry-cry until damn jialat.

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