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Jesus Kena Gib Over to Pontius PilateEdit

1 Morning dat time, all the tua kee priests and lau uncle of the orang pakat together to bao toh Jesus so he will kena executed.2 When dey tie Him up, dey take Him go see Pontius Pilate who is the cheng hu lang.

Judas Go Hang HimselfEdit

3 Den Judas, the sabo king, know den that his fault Jesus kena condemn, regret til jialat-jialat and he bring back the thirty piece of silver to the tua pai priests and lau uncles,4 saying, “Alamak, I sinned by saboing innocent blood.”

And they said, “Our problem issit? That one your pasal now!

5 Den he throw silver in the temple and left, den he go hang himself.

6 The tua kee priests took the silver pieces and said, “Eh, this money we cannot put back into the treasury cos got orang kena die for it, so is lapsap one.”7 So dey discuss together and decide to use the money to buy the potter padang to bury stranger.8 So today hor, dat field is call Blood Padang.

9 Den the prophet Jeremiah predict what come true some more - “They take thirty pieces of silver, the value of Him who was priced, the children of Israel priced Him one,10 and gib dem to buy the potter padang, as the Lord directed me one.”

Jesus Faces PilateEdit

11 Now Jesus stood in front the cheng hu lang. And the cheng hu lang asked Him, “You are King of the Jews ah?”

Jesus say to him, “Ya, lie you say wan.”12 And the tua kee priests and lau uncle start to sabo him some more, but He stand down derr diam diam, dowan to say anything.

13 Den Pilate say to Him, “Eh, You got hear all this thing dey trying to sabo You wid anot?” 14 But He still stand derr diam diam, dowan to defend himself. The cheng hu lang chua tio.

Taking the Place of BarabbasEdit

15 Normally at the cheng hu lang's feast, he let the people choose one prisoner dat his ownself will pang chan to let go.16 And at dat time dey had one chin pai lang call Barabbas.17 So when dey gather together, Pilate ask dem, “You want me to release who ah? Barabbas, or Jesus who is call Christ?”18 Actually he know that they trying to sabo Jesus because they jealous wan.

19 When he was sitting on the judgment seat, his taitai send him message, “this Man innocent one, His daiji don't anyhow kaypoh. Today I kena jin zhuey jialat nightmare cos of Him.”

20 But the tua kee priests and lau uncle go make all the orand say dey want Pilate release Barabbas and kill Jesus.21 The cheng hu lang answer dem, “You want me release who?”

The orang say, “Barabbas!”

22 Pilate tell dem, “Den what you want me to do with Jesus who is call Christ?”

They all said to him, “Make Him kena crucify!”

23 Den the governor say, “Eh why sia? He got do what bad thing?”

But dey shout louder some more, “Make Him kena crucify!”

24 When Pilate saw that he cannot win dem cos the orang all damn du lan and shouting, he took water and wash his hands in front of them, saying, “Not my dai ji anymore. The blood of dis just man is your pasal now, no my problem oreddy.”

25 And all the orang answer and say, “Steady! His blood our pasal and orso our children's pasal!”

26 Den give Barabbas pang chan; and he sent Jesus to kena scourge and crucify.

The Soldiers Make Fun of JesusEdit

27 Den the cheng hu lang's soldiers took Jesus into the Praetorium and call the whole unit join in.28 And dey strip Him and put one sarong which is ang ang in colour on Him.29 Dey twisted a branch with thorns to make it macam like crown li'dat and put it on His head, and they put one tongkat in His right hand. And kneel before Him and make fun of Him, saying, “Hail, King of the Jews!”30 Den dey pui on Him, and took the tongkat and hantam Him on the head.31 After dey make fun of Him, dey took the sarong off Him, put back His own clothes, and bring Him to kena crucify.

The King on a CrossEdit

32 When dey coming out that time, dey found one fella from Cyrene called Simon and dey make him carry His cross.33 When dey reach this place called Golgotha, which is mean, Place of a Skull,34 dey give Him drink sour wine mix with gall. But after He had tasted it, He don't like, so he dowan drink.

35 Den dey crucify Him, and split His clothes between each uder by tikam tikam. By that, dey make a prophecy come true:

“Dey split My clothes among dem, And for My clothing dey play tikam tikam.”

36 Den sit down to watch over Him derr.37 And dey put up one big big sign over His head saying the crime of what the people bao toh Him for:


38 Got two pai lang orso kena crucified with Him, one on His righthand side, one on His lefthand side.

39 Orang who pass by shake derr head say damn jialat things to Him,40 “Eh, you dat time say you destroy the temple and in three days can build again meh? Save Yourself lah! If You are God's Ah-Boy, come down from the cross leh!”

41 The tua kee priests orso join in and make fun of Him with the scribes and lau uncle,42 “He save uders; but cannot save Himself. He King of Israel one. If He come down from the cross, den we believe.43 He trust God; let Him save Him now if He will have Him; cos He say he God's Ah-Boy wan mah.’”

44 Even the pai lang who kena crucified with Him also scold Him the same thing.

Jesus Dies on the CrossEdit

45 From lak tiam til the kau tiam the place become dark dark.46 And about kau tiam dat time Jesus cry out loud loud, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” which is mean, “My God, My God, why You pangseh Me?”

47 When some orang derr standing-standing hear that, dey say, “He calling for Elijah!”48 Suddenly got one of dem run to get a sponge, fill it with sour wine and put it on a tongkat to give Jesus drink.

49 The uder orang say, “Eh, mai chup; we see if Elijah come save Him.”

50 And Jesus cry out again loud loud and gib up His spirit.

51 Suddenly, the curtain in the temple kena torn from top to bottom into two; den got earthquake, den the batu all pecah,52 and the graves open; and many bodies of the saints who die last time suddenly come back to life;53 den dey come out of derr graves after Jesus come back to life orso and go to the holy city where many orang see dem.

54 When the centurion and his kar kia who jaga-jaga Jesus, saw the earthquake and all this things, dey suddenly damn hamji and say, “Wah, this Guy was really the God's Ah-Boy sia!”

55 Got many guniang who follow Jesus from Galilee, ministering to Him, stand far far away see all dis,56 In their group got Mary Magdalene, got Mary James and John ah-mah, orso got the Zebedee’s ah-boys' ah-ma.

Jesus Buried in Joseph’s TombEdit

57 Eventing that time, got orang man call Joseph from Arimathea who chin wu lui wan and orso is Jesus follower come.58 He go see Pilate to ask for the body of Jesus. Den Pilate gib him.59 When Joseph take the body, he wrapped it in a clean linen sarong,60 and put it in his new tomb which he make out one big big batu. He roll another big batu in front of the tomb door, den he go away.61 Mary Magdalene was derr and the uder Mary was sitting opposite side of the tomb.

Pilate Sets a GuardEdit

62 Next day, which is after Preparation Day, the tua kee priests and Pharisees go see Pilate,63 and say, “Boss, we remember when that deceiver was alive that time, He got say, ‘After three days I will rise.’64 So can have jaga for the tomb for three day anot? cos we scared His disciples sekali nightime come steal His body and tell everybody, ‘He has risen from the dead.’ If li'dat happen, jin jialat. Dis lie lagi worse den before wan.”

65 Pilate tell dhem, “I give you jaga. You also go and lagi make secure.”66 So dey go and made the tomb secure, sealing the stone and put orang to jaga.

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