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He Kee Lai LiaoEdit

1 After the Sabbath, when the first day of the week just starting dat time, Mary Magdalene and dis other Mary come to see the tomb.2 Suddenly ah, the ground go kalang kabut; cos got the angel of the Lord come downstairs from heaven, den he rolled back the batu from the door, and sit on it.3 His face bright-bright macam like lightning, and his clothes white-white macam snow li'dat.4 When the jaga saw him they dam hamji that dey shake until macam mampus.

5 But the angel tell dose guniang, “Dun scared, I know you finding Jesus who kena crucified.6 But He not here oreddy; He kee lai liao, lie He say dat time. Lai, I show you inside where he was lying before.7 Now you all go tell his kaki dat He kee lai liao, He go Galilee oreddy; you go meet him there, I tell you wan.”

8 So dey come out of the tomb, abit scared but sibei happy, den dey quickly run to tell His kaki the news.

The Women Worship the Risen LordEdit

9 When dey go to tell His kaki dat time, suddenly, Jesus met dem, and he say, “Rejoice!” So dey come and hold His feet and worship Him.10 Den Jesus tell dem, “Mai kia. Go and tell My kaki nang to go Galilee, den can dey see Me there.”

Soldiers Kena Gib Kopi MoneyEdit

11 While they were going dat time, some of the jaga go to the city to tell the tua kee priests what happen.12 Dey gather together with all the lao uncle to pakat, den after dey discuss, dey gib the soldiers a lot of money,13 and say, “You tell dem ah, ‘His disciples sneak in night to kope Him while we all tidoh.’14 If the cheng hu lang find out hor, dun worry, we will angkat bolah him so you won't kena punish.”15 So dey take the money and do li'dat lor; dat's why until today the Jews still belieb the story li'dat wan.

The Great CommissionEdit

16 Den the eleven kaki go Galilee, down there got one bukit which Jesus choose for dem to meet.17 When dey saw Him, dey worship Him; but some still dun belieb.

18 And Jesus come to dem and say, “All authority has been given to Me upstairs and on earth.19 Go to make disciple from all the country, baptize dem in the name of my Lao Peh, Me and the Holy Spirit,20 teach dem to follow all things dat I teach you; I will be with you chin ku ku, even until end of the age.” Can Li'dat wan.

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