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1 “Awas ah, dun do good things so uder orang can see, for you to show face. Or else your Lao Peh upstairs won't belanja you wan.2 So ah, when you do good things, dun horn lie dose anyhow wayang in temple on street, so dat dey can have their face li'dat. I tell you ah, dose gei kiang kind hor or-bi-good oreddy liao.3 But when you do good things, dun tell your left hand what your right hand do what,4 dat you simi do your good thing; and your Lao Peh who knows what you do, He Ownself will belanja you wan.

The Lao Beh's Swee-Swee PrayerEdit

5 "So when you pray, dun lie dose anyhow wayang, in temple, on street joget-joget pray-pray - show face only. I tell you ah, dose kind or-bi-good oreddy.6 But when you ownself pray, go your own room, close door, pray to Lao Peh, simi place he is there. Then your Lao Peh, simi action you do he also can see, lagi reward you.7 When you pray, dun like those kiasu kia: anyhow masak-masak words, they think go kalang kabut can hear some more.8 So dun be li'dem. No need open your mouth, Lao Peh know your needs orredy.9 So right, you pray li'dis:

"Our Lao Peh upstairs,

your name very cheem.

10 Whole world balik your kampong,

you want what confirm chop settle,

so down here will be like upstairs lor.

11 Tumpang today our everyday roti

12 And pang chan us when we play punk,

as we pang chan those who sabo us

13 And dun kena we ponteng,

but help us gostan from the bad kind.

Every kampong power glory all long long Yours orredy.

Can Liddat Wan."

14 "If orang-orang sabo you and your ownself forgive wan, upstair Lao Peh will forgive you some more.15 But if your ownself no pang chan others when they play cheat, Lao Peh will not let go your otang.

Fast So Only God Can See WanEdit

16 “Li'dat, when you fast, dun lie dose anyhow wayang, go around so sad-sad face. Dose kind masak their face so orang can see dey fast wan. I tell you ah, dose kind or-bi-good oreddy.17 For you ah, when you fast wan, oil your hair and wash your face,18 so uder orang no can see you fasting wan, only show your Lao Peh wan, who is in the simi place; and your Lao Peh who simi see you will His Ownself belanja you some more.

Store Your Treasure UpstairsEdit

19 "Dun store your treasure on earth hor, here got moth and rust can destroy things wan, and got thief can break in and steal from you some more;20 so store your treasures upstairs, there got no moth or rust can destroy wan, and no got thief to break in and steal.21 I tell you ah, where got your treasure, there got your heart orso.

The Body's LightEdit

22 “The body's light is the eye hor. So ah, if your eye is good oreddy, your whole body got light wan.23 But if your eye is bad, your whole body got black-black wan. So if the light in you is black oreddy, inside must be very black wan!

Cannot Serve God and Money at same time horEdit

24 “No one can have two towkay hor; li'dis ah, you will hate one towkay and love the uder, or else you will loyal one towkay and not the uder. Money and God cannot both serve at same time one.

Dun Worry so much LehEdit

25 “I tell you ah, dun worry about your life, eat what, drink what; orso dun worry about your body, wear what wan. Life got more than food and body got more than clothing meh?26 You see the bird ah, dey don plant food or pick up or gather to store hor; but your Lao Peh upstairs feed dem eh! You got more value than dem or not?27 Got any one of you can grow taller by worrying? No right?

28 “So why you worry your clothing meh? Look at the padang lilies, see how dey growing oreddy: dey no work or masak;29 and I tell you some more, not eben Solomon got so much glory wan, neber got wear clothes lie dese ones some more.30 So ah, if God puts clothes lie dese on the padang grass, the grass dat today is here, and tomorrow got throw in the oven some more, you think he will not belanjan your clothes some more, Aiyah, your faith so small meh?

31 “So ah, dun worry, saying, ‘Eat what ah?’ or ‘Drink what ah?’ or ‘Wear what ah?’32 Because all dese things are what dose kiasu kia are looking for. Your Lao Peh upstairs oreddy know you need all dis things.33 But first look for God's kampong and the way He salat puteh, and you will get all dis things orso.34 So ah, dun worry about tomorrow, tomorrow oreddy kena chochok. Every day got enough to sabo its ownself".

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