I have tried to stay faithful to the Latin translation, (With the Filioque) - though I admit my submission is not the most perfect nor the most suitable for Singlish. Here I present my translation:

I xiang xin zik gai God, the Father very powderful,

Who create long zhong heaven and long zhong earth.

All the can see one and cannot see one.

I xiang xin zik gai God, Jesus Christ, only Son begotten of God,

Who the Father have already before all time.

God come from God, Light come from Light,

Real God, from Real God.

He begotten, he not made ah, same substance with his ah pa.

Through him ah, everything also kena made.

For us man, and for us to be kiu,

He come down from up there in heaven.

The Holy Spirit got powder, he use his powderful powder,

The Virgin Mary seh Jesus her kia.

He under Pontius Pilate kena until very jialat,

He kena crucified, he mati, he buried.

He go down to the dead.

Geh sar jik, he rose from the dead,

He go up into heaven,

And he sit at the right hand of the Father the Most Powderful.

He will come back one! To judge the alive one and the mati one.

And his kingdom will last forever and ever.

I xiang xin that Holy Spirit is also God, he is God ah, who give us life ah,

Who proceeds from both the Father and the Son also ok,

Who with the Father and the Son everyone also pray and adore him.

He speak before through the prophets.

I xiang xin in jik gai very Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church,

I confession jik gai baptism to say sorry for sins,

And I see far far away the body rise again,

And the life that go on forever and ever.