Listen carefully, it's Psalms 1, not someone ok.

1 This kind of person ah, he really win already man. God will give Him many 'likes'.👍

Cos he never listen to evil people,

never makes friends with people who do wrong things,

never 'chap' those 'haolian' people who got no respect.

2 But what make him very shiok is the command of God.

24 hours a day, he keep thinking about it, never stop.

3 This man is like a tree planted next to MacRitchie

When the time comes, fruits sure appear on the tree.

the leaves ah, forever green green one

everything he do, sure 'Huat ah!'

4 But the bad people leh?

They are the exact opposite, like useless rubbish. Wind come only, all kena blown away.

5 So, all the bad people, all those who only like to do wrong things,

don't expect them to be around when God carry out His audit and welcome His people who are upright.

I tell you, they sure cannot pass one. 

6 Why? Because God chart out the road 'Swee Swee' for those who are upright, 

But all the evil and bad people? Their end point is death. (Si Lor Zi Diao)