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1 Tiagong from Jesus Christ that the revelation which God hor him to preview to his gang lang what gonna happen. He chut his angel to a gang lang called John,2 who say jin eh jin eh, this ish ti kong eh wei and Jesus Christ eh testimony.3 xiang ah si read this loud loud, will kena blessed. xiang ah si hear this and keep it lai sim duay will kena blessed too because xi kang ai gao liao.

Greetings and DoxologyEdit

4 ah John, to the seven church of Asia, hor li grace and peace from he who ai lai liao and come from seven spirits before his throne,5 and from Jesus Christ, who ish the fayfoo(faithful) witness, the first born of si lang, and the emperor of all the kings on earth. to him who ai women and clear our pai seh doings by his blood

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