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God Got Steady Arrow WanEdit

1 So ah, you got no excuse oreddy, aiyoh orang, if you arrow uder orang, den what you arrow - got arrow your ownself some more; you arrow who dat time, your ownself do dose things oreddy.2 But we simi God arrow dat time confirm for dose kind who do dose things.3 And you think li'dis ah, aiyoh orang, you got arrow dose who do dose things, and your ownself do dose things, you think God dun arrow you some more?4 Or do you hate His kaya kindess: boleh tahan, and patient orso, you no-know God ownself so kind is cos he pang chan you come back and say sorry meh?5 So lie you so kiasu to tahan and your heart no say sorry you store-store anger for your ownself until one day got God's anger wan, and den God will show-show his steady arrow to every orang some more,6 he “will gib every orang what dey ownself do wan”:7 lib for lagi-always for dose who everyday tahan and look-look for serimuka, good face, and living for lagi-always;8 but for dose kiasu take care their ownself and dun follow what is confirm chop settle, but follow the bad kind, got anger and basket anger,9 got susah and kacau, for every orang who do bad things, first for the Jew wan, and den orso for the foreigner some more;10 but got serimuka, good face, and peace for every orang do good things, first for the Jew wan, and den orso for the foreigner some more.11 See ah, God got no favourites wan.

12 See ah, all dose who dun have the law and sin some more - when dey die the law dey orso dun have, and all dose who have the law and sin some more - when dey die the law will arrow dem13 (see ah, cannot only hear the law and be steady with God, must orso do the law to be steady some more;14 see ah, when dose foreigners, who their ownselves dun have the law, but lagi follow the law, dose kind, even dey dun have the law, dey are their own law,15 can see how dey oreddy write the law in their own hearts liao, dey see their ownself in their own head, and their thoughts can arrow dem orso can tell dem no need paiseh oreddy)16 dat time when God, through Jesus Christ, will arrow orang's secret things, lie my gospel say oreddy.

Jews Lie Gentiles Guilty OreddyEdit

17 See ah, you called Jew wan, and rely on the law, and use God to yaya papaya,18 and know He want what, and OK the bagus things, cos you know the law say so,19 and white horse oreddy - ownself blind orang leader some more, can shine-shine your light to dose in the dark orso,20 can tell dose gorblock do what wan, teach child can orso, cos the law confirm chop settle you got knowledge oreddy.21 So ah, you teaching uders, dun teach your ownself some more? You tell uders - orang dun steal, you got steal meh?22 You say, “Dun sex with dose who not your taitai or lao gong,” den can go sex with dem meh? You say hate idol wan, den can go steal from temple meh?23 You yaya so law abiding wan, den can break the law and dishonor God meh?24 See ah, “got foreigners kena God's name cos you do what wan,” got write down oreddy.

Circumcision Dun HelpEdit

25 See ah, if you ownself circumcise and follow the law oreddy, can chari makan some more; but if you break the law ah, your circumcise beng kok wan, now no got circumcise oreddy.26 So ah, if got orang no got circumcise who ownself is steady in the law, got uncircumcise can be same lie circumcise meh?27 And you think what meh, dose who their body no circumcise but follow the law orredy will arrow you who, even your ownself got the law write down wan and got circumcise some more, break-break the law oreddy?28 See ah, dat orang even not a Jew show-show he is one, and circumcise cannot see on your body hor;29 but to see if dat orang is a Jew must look-look on the inside some more; and orang must circumcise their own heart wan, using the Spirit hor, no using words wan; dat orang get face is not from uder orang but from God.

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