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Naomi LaoGong and Ah-Boys Bo LiaoEdit

1 Got judge gahmen dat time, land kena famine. In Judah got dis one orang from Bethlehem, his taitai and two ah-boys, all go shift to Moab, other country wan.2 That orang he call Elimelek, taitai call Naomi, and his two ah-boys, Mahlon and Kilion. They all Ephrath-orang from Bethlehem, in Judah derr wan. Kaki all go Moab and stay there.

3 Now Elimelek, Naomi laogong, kena die, and den only got her and two ah-boys.4 Ah-boys go marry dose Moab-orang girl-girl wan, one call Orpah and uder call Ruth. After making kampong in Moab, ten year habis oreddy,5 Mahlon and Kilion lagi kena die, and Naomi no more got two ah-boys, no more got laogong.

Naomi and Ruth Gostan BethlehemEdit

6 In Moab dat time, Naomi hear news Lord tolong his orang oreddy, making makan for dem, and she tumpang her ah-girls balek kampong.7 She go wid her two ah-girls leaving her new kampong and jalan balek kampong gostan Judah.

8 Den Naomi say to two ah-girls, “Gostan your ma'der kampong. Lord be kind to you wan, same lie you be kind to your chum laogongs and to me oreddy.9 Lord gib you new laogong so can lepak some more.”

Den she kissed dem goodbye and dey cry-cry wan10 and say, “We gostan wid you to your orang kampong.”

11 But Naomi say, “Balek kampong, ah-girls. For what you come with me? More ah-boys from me how can, so how you find new laogong-ah?12 Balek kampong, ah-girls; I too old for laogong oreddy. Even if still got hope for me wan—even if tonight got laogong and gib birth to ah-boys some more —13 you think wait 'til dey grow up some more? Kena you no marry waiting-waiting? No, ah-girls. You no-know I taste sungmoi oreddy, Lord-hand tombalek me some more!”

14 Dey hear Naomi say what, dey lagi cry-cry. Den Orpah kissed her ah-ma goodbye, but Ruth no let go.

15 “See lor,” said Naomi, “your ah-soh balek kampong balek temple oreddy. Tumpang her lah.”

16 But Ruth say, “Cannot tell me go; cannot tell me kebelakang pusing. You go I go; You stay I stay. Your orang is my orang; your God my God.17 Where you mati I mati, and derr I can bury orso. Lord can arrow me, tomablek orso can, same-same if you die I die wan.”18 Naomi know den she cannot throw smoke, she close mouth no speak.

19 So the two majie jalan to Bethlehem. Dey arrive dat time, whole kampong come, and dose guniang shout, “Naomi? How can?”

20 “Cannot call me Naomi liao,” she say. “Call me Mara. All Power make my life like sungmoi. 21 When I go, I full, but gostan the Lord make me bo liao. What for call Naomi? Lord sabo me oreddy; All Power kena me.”

22 So Naomi gostan from Moab and her ah-girl Ruth, Moab-orang, tumpang her. They arrive Bethlehem dat time, is time to pluck barley oreddy.

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