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Ruth Meets Boaz in der PadangEdit

1 Naomi laogong had kaki, some atas orang of Elimelek clan, he call Boaz.

2 And Ruth, Moab-orang, she say to Naomi, “I go padang and chari point so dey let me karang-guni the leftover grain.”

Naomi say, “Can, ah-girl.”3 So she jalan to padang and karang-guni the grain behind the coolies. Keoh teoh wan, Boaz, Elimelek-clan wan, is the padang-owner where she chari makan.

4 Boaz come from Bethlehem and say to coolies, “Amacam. Lord follow you!”

“Lord sayang you!” dey say.

5 Boaz ask towkay, “Who dat guniang?”

6 Towkay say, “She dat Moab-orang tumpang Naomi from Moab.7 She ask me, ‘Tolong, karang-guni the grain coolies leave can or not.’ She come to padang, from morning to now orso stay, only short time lepak in shade.”

8 Boaz say to Ruth, “ah-girl, listen oreddy. Dun karang-guni uder padang; dun leave here. Stay wi'dose guniang work for me wan.9 Look see padang where coolies work wan, follow the guniang. I tell dose bengs no touch you oreddy. When you thirsty, you drink from the water gourds the coolies fill orso can.”

10 She hear dis, she kowtow him wan. She ask him, “What for you pang chan me, how can your ownself see me - foreigner wan?”

11 Boaz say, “Dey tell me how you sayang your laogong ah-ma since your laogong pass — your ownself leave your ah-ba and ah-ma and your kampong and come live with orang you no-know.12 Wishing Lord repay you for you so guai chari makan. Wishing you get atas reward from the Lord, Israel God, his wings shading you oreddy.”

13 “I hope I chari point with you, datuk,” she said. “You talk so kind to your coolie, jengan tension oreddy — even though I not like your coolie so atas.”

14 At makan Boaz tell her, “Come here. Take roti and dip in vinegar.”

Sitting with coolies that time, he roast grain gib her some more. She makan till full and some more still have wan.15 When she go chari makan, Boaz tell his orang, “in padang chari, can oreddy; no scold her wan.16 From your bundles take stalks and leave for her some more, no scold her hor.”

17 In padang Ruth chari makan till nightime. Den she kuti the barley she karang-guni oreddy, total 23 katis.18 She carry gostan kampong, and her ah-ma saw what she chari. Ruth lagi gib her the makan she takpow wan.

19 Her ah-ma ask her, “Where you go chari makan today? Where you work? Got orang angkat you; kheo teoh!”

Den Ruth tell her ah-ma about the landlord of dat padang where she chari. “Der orang I today chari makan; he call Boaz,” she say.

20 “Lord sayang him!” Naomi say to her ah-girl. “ke mati or alive-wan he lagi-lagi kheo teoh.” She added, “That orang is our kaki; he is our settle-settle-jaga.”

21 Den Ruth, Moab-orang, say, “He even say, ‘Stay with coolies until grain all bo liao.’”

22 Naomi say to Ruth, her ah-girl, “Bagus selaki, ah-girl; can chari makan with his guniang mean no need jalan to other padang where orang can kena you.”

23 So Ruth stay with Boaz's coolie guniang to chari makan until barley and wheat all bo liao. And she stay with her ah-ma.

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