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Ruth and Boaz at Kuti FloorEdit

1 One day Ruth ah-ma Naomi say, “Ah-girl, must find lepak for you lah; must make sure got orang take care of you wan.2 Boaz, dat orang you chari makan with his coolie guniang, he is our kaki. Tonight he kuti barley on the kuti floor.3 Wash, wear perfume, and nice clothes wan. Den jalan to the kuti floor, but don’t let him eye you until he drink and makan liao.4 When he lie down oreddy, see where he lie wan. Den go, uncover his feet and lie-lie. Den he tell you how.”

5 “You say I do orredy,” Ruth say.6 She go down to kuti floor; all her ah-ma tell her she orso do wan.

7 Boaz drink and makan liao; and damn heng oreddy, he go lie down behind the grain pile. Ruth quiet-quiet go wan, she uncover his feet and lie down some more.8 Middle night got something wake the orang; turn over, got girl-girl lying at his feet wan!

9 “You are who?” he ask.

“I your coolie, Ruth,” she say. “Spread the corner of your sarong over me, since you are a settle-settle-jaga of our kaki.”

10 “Lord sayang you, ah-girl,” he say. “You so kind, lagi more kind den me before: You no chasing dose ardeh boy-boy, got money no got money orso can.11 And now, ah-girl, dun afraid. You ask what I orso do. All my kampong orang know you are atas woman.12 Confirm I am our kaki settle-settle-jaga, but got uder orang who is more close kaki than me.13 Tonight stay here wan, lagi morning see he wan be your settle-settle-jaga, can oreddy; let him settle all for you wan. But if he no want, lie Lord living oreddy I want do it. Lie here 'til morning hor.”

14 So she lay at his feet 'til morning, but got up before anyone eye her; and he say, “No one can know got woman come to kuti floor.”

15 He orso say, “Gib me you wear dat sarong and hold wan.” When she did, he pour six measure barley and bundle gib her carry wan. Den he gostan kampong.

16 When Ruth gostan her ah-ma, Naomi ask, “Amacam, ah-girl?”

Den she told her Boaz do what17 and say, “He gib me dis six measure barley, he say, ‘Don’t gostan your ah-ma wid hand empty.’”

18 Den Naomi say, “Wait, ah-girl, lagi you see what. The orang will settle today, he no lepak wan.”

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