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Boaz Marry RuthEdit

1 Dat time, Boaz jalan kampong gate and squat derr when the uder settle-settle-jaga coming wan. Boaz say, “Come brudder, sit lah.” So he go and squat wan.

2 Boaz got ten kampong elder, and say, “Sit ah,” and dey did.3 Den he say to uder settle-settle-jaga, “Naomi, from Moab gostan oreddy, she selling our kaki Elimelek's land wan.4 I want tell you and tell you to buy so dose here can see; in front of my orang-elder. If you wan chope, can lor. If you no wan, say ah, so I know. No uder can, only you can hor, and after you, I next wan.”

“I chope,” he say.

5 Den Boaz say, “You buy Naomi's land dat time, Ruth, Moab-orang, you orso get, der mati-orang taitai, so nama mati orang can orso go wid the land.”

6 Den, the settle-settle-jaga say, “Den cannot, my property kena sabo. Your ownself settle. I cannot wan.”

7 (Before-wan, in Israel, for land to confirm chope settle, orang take slipper and exchange wan. Dis way, in Isreal, got confirm contract.)

8 So settle-settle-jaga say to Boaz, “You buy can.” He take off his slipper wan.

9 Den Boaz tell the elder and all orang derr, “Today you all see oreddy, I buy all land of Elimelek, Kilion and Mahlon from Naomi wan.10 Ruth, Moab-orang, I orso get, Mahlon’s taitai, now my taitai, so nama mati orang stay wid the land, so his name no disappear from his kaki or his kampong. Today you all see hor!”

11 Den the elder and all orang at the gate say, “We all see oreddy. Lord make the guniang coming into your home be lie Rachel and Leah, together dey masak Israel kaki. Hope you be atas in Ephrathah and be famous in Bethlehem.12 Hope dat the children Lord gives you from dis guniang, be so your kaki lie Perez, who Judah taitai Tamar gib birth to, li'dat.”

Naomi Got Ah-boy OrredyEdit

13 So Boaz and Ruth steady wan, and den she his taitai some more. When he making love to her wan, the Lord make her got conceive oreddy, and she gib birth ah-boy some more.14 The guniang all say to Naomi: “Der Lord so atas, he no leave you without a settle-settle-jaga. Wishing he becoming famous in Israel!15 He will make your life lagi new and when you old can tolong you some more. Your ah-girl, she sayang you and more atas for you than seven ah-boys, she gib him birth some more.”

16 Den Naomi carry boy-boy and sayang him.17 Dose guniang derr say, “Naomi got ah-boy wan!” And dey call him Obed. He was Jesse's lao peh; who was David's lao peh.

David kaki from where wan

18 Dis, den, is der Perez kaki:

Perez was Hezron leo peh,19 Hezron, Ram's lao peh,

Ram, Amminadab's lao peh,20 Amminadab, Nahshon's lao peh,

Nahshon, Salmon's lao peh,21 Salmon, Boaz's lao peh,

Boaz, Obed's lao peh,22 Obed, Jesse's lao peh,

and Jesse, David's lao peh.

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